[As-users] some annoyances in as2 cvs version

Fabrice Ilponse (fabrice@avertec.com)
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 10:27:50 +0200

Hi all,

    Now that i've got afterstep working, i've come across some annoyances.
    The first one is when i was in the feel menu, displaying at the 
right of the screen but on the multidesktop, it goes down because of the 
non overriding feature. (not critical but...)
    Is it possible to force the overriding of windows for the as menus?
    The second one is when resizing a window. The window refreshes for 
nearly each move of the mouse. As my desktop is on a sunray, all the 
display is done thru the network. This slows even more if i'm using an 
     Is it possible to add a configuration (if this does not already 
exist) to only redraw the windows only when the final size is set?

    Finally one good point :) .  I can finally use <shift>+arrow keys in 
xemacs as it was moving the mouse in as v1.x.

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