Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.0 beta4 release

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 15:35:32 -0600

M.-A. DARCHE wrote:

> Le 2004-03-04 16:30 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko a =E9crit /=20
>   1. Some pictures are still missing, especially there isn't any icons
>      found by AfterStep :
>      afterstep ERROR: I'm terribly sorry, but image file "dots/arrow_sh=
ort_small" is nowhere to be found.

You either don't have libPNG on your system setup properly, or you use=20
RedHat -alike or debian-alike, where for each library there are 2 kinds=20
of packages - libraray itself, and devel package. You need to install=20
devel package for libPNG.

>   2. A call to "Exit -> Restart session" in the menu caused an error. I
>      could not find the core dump as in my filesystem advertised :
>   Printing Debug Information :

Thanks for reporting that - fixed.

>   3. I could not make work any of the form and script "screenshot"
>      utilities.

Script and Form Modules has not been implemented in 2.0 yet - what you=20
trying to use are the leftover from old afterstep installation - they=20
won't work.

>   4. I did not manage to change the background of any of the desktops.
>      The configuration I use was in a file
>      afterstep-2.00.beta4/share/afterstep/looks/look.Border. I restarte=
>      afterstep and selected this file in the "look" menu with no effect=

Have no idea where you got this look from - its not in the 2.0 distro.=20
That maybe another leftover from old afterstep installation.

> MyBackground "tiledSciFiBackground"
>     Use 0 "~/img/cyborg-Bjork_head1.jpg"
>     Pad 0 yellow
>     Align 4
> ~MyBackground
> DeskBack  0  "tiledSciFiBackground"

Should work though. You may want to try using any of the default looks -=20
DEFAULT, Glass, QNX, TRansparent

>    5. As already writen on the mailing list, some elements are describe=
>       using an XML-like syntax. But it's not well-formed XML. You shoul=
>       use quotes around your attribute values. I understand that this i=
>       your own parser and that you deal with your own data format as yo=
>       want. But AfterStep follows standars and good pratices in so much
>       domains that using well-formed XML is a something that one might

PLease feel free adding all those doublequotes and submitting me a patch.

>       expect from AfterStep. And by the way, why not using the ".xml"
>       suffix for those files ? This way they could more easily be
>       spotted and for example tested for well-formedness before release
>       ;-)

filename extentions are evil. period. for example what prevents me from=20
slapping .jpg on xpm file? Nothing, and I could very well do that -=20
leaving you very confused. On the other hand if you have alot of files=20
with extentions of .jpg, and you set up your config accordingly, but=20
then you decide to switch to PNG format - you are in deep trouble now,=20
as you have to change all your config files, and you have to somehow=20
support lots of users ot there who have .jpg files referenced from their=20

File type should only be decided from the file contents. It should never=20
be based on filename. Silly tradition of associating filenames with file=20
type comes from equally silly MS Windows, and it'd be wonderfull if it'd=20
stayed in there only. If you want to use more MSWindows-nesque system -=20
please use KDE.

>       $ find -name "*.xml"|xargs xmllint

grep -l "<img" *

would be a better way to detect all those files
But then again, I have too much of more important work to do to worry=20
about XML syntax compliance.

> I could help you by attempting more tests, including testing the CVS
> content at some specified time by you.

ok, I'll be posting warnings prior to next beta release.

Thanks for your input


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