Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.0 beta4 release

Vae (
Sat, 13 Mar 2004 13:07:46 -0500

Not sure on the previous questions.

>  4. I did not manage to change the background of any of the desktops.
>     The configuration I use was in a file
>     afterstep-2.00.beta4/share/afterstep/looks/look.Border. I restarted
>     afterstep and selected this file in the "look" menu with no effect :
>MyBackground "tiledSciFiBackground"
>    Use 0 "~/img/cyborg-Bjork_head1.jpg"
>    Pad 0 yellow
>    Align 4
>DeskBack  0  "tiledSciFiBackground"
Backgrounds are not setup this way.  you set them up by selecting them 
from the pictures menu, under desktop on the root menu... and putting 
files in the .afterstep/backgrounds directory...  restarting afterstep 
is unnecessary, just select "update startmenu" from the desktop menu.

>   5. As already writen on the mailing list, some elements are described
>      using an XML-like syntax. But it's not well-formed XML. You should
>      use quotes around your attribute values. I understand that this is
>      your own parser and that you deal with your own data format as you
>      want. But AfterStep follows standars and good pratices in so much
>      domains that using well-formed XML is a something that one might
>      expect from AfterStep. And by the way, why not using the ".xml"
>      suffix for those files ? This way they could more easily be
>      spotted and for example tested for well-formedness before release
>      ;-)
>      $ find -name "*.xml"|xargs xmllint
Good call on the quotes... they should indeed be there... but it's 
understandable that they might be missing in a beta.   I'm really 
replying to your ".xml" suffix suggestion.  The main reason we're not 
using the .xml suffix, is because currently, the xml in said files could 
be replaced with image files directly.  libAfterImage evaluates the 
contents of the file to determine whether it's an image (and which 
type), or xml.  Though it may be a bit more difficult to use shell 
utilities to evaluate said xml, it's probably not an avenue we'd like to 
cross... on the other hand, i could see an advantage of having 
libAfterImage use an external application like xmllint for optional testing.

Thanks for the help, though!

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