Re: [As-users] mozilla, evolution stopped working

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 15:50:06 -0500

Skip Morrow wrote:
> I'm not sure how I did this, but I had AS 2.0 running for about a day,
> and now all of a sudden I can't run mozilla or evolution unless I start
> it from a shell as root.  It worked fine at first, but I was tinkering
> with the settings and now all of a sudden evolution and mozilla just
> don't work.  If I start X with a different window manager, I don't have
> this problem.  Now, I don't really believe that AS is necessarily the
> problem (it just doesn't make sense), but hopefully someone out there
> can at least give me a tip to straighten this out.  Yeah, it's a long
> shot, but what the heck???

Ho do you start mozilla ? Using menu? or wharf ?

Have you tried starting mozilla from term windows ?

Send me your wharf config file if you indeed start it by clicking 
wharf's button .

> Mr. Gibbage

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