Re: [As-users] mozilla, evolution stopped working

Jordy Simpson (
Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:55:51 -0700

Sasha & Skip,

I have also had this problem with AS 2.0.  Mozilla (both Firefox and 
1.6) just won't run some days.  It happens when starting them from a 
wharf button, from term windows (both as normal user and as root), and 
from the menu.  Switching over to KDE or WindowMaker, they start just fine.

System:  SuSE 9.0
Kernel:  2.6.4 (also happens on stock 2.4.21-202)
CPU: 1.4GHz Pentium 4
RAM:  512MB
Video:  Matrox Marvel G400-TV 16MB

Relevant wharf entries:
    *Wharf internet 64x64/internet.jpg,3_dots.xpm Folder
            *Wharf Konqueror logos/konqueror Exec "Konqueror" konqueror &
            *Wharf Firefox 64x64/firefox_icon.png Exec "Firefox" 
/opt/firefox/firefox &
            *Wharf Mozilla 64x64/mozilla_fancy.png Exec "Mozilla" 
/opt/mozilla/mozilla &
    *Wharf ~Folder

  afterstep --version reports AfterStep version 2.00.beta4b
  I removed the database setting for "Mozilla-bin" (I only have one 
desktop set up) but it didn't help

Right now I had to switch back to running KDE since I haven't had time 
to deal with my web browser not starting due to needing to get work 
done.  I can send any other info you might need, just didn't want to 
waste too much space with irrelevant details.  Also, anything you want 
me to try, let me know.


Sasha Vasko wrote:

> Skip Morrow wrote:
>> I'm not sure how I did this, but I had AS 2.0 running for about a day,
>> and now all of a sudden I can't run mozilla or evolution unless I start
>> it from a shell as root.  It worked fine at first, but I was tinkering
>> with the settings and now all of a sudden evolution and mozilla just
>> don't work.  If I start X with a different window manager, I don't have
>> this problem.  Now, I don't really believe that AS is necessarily the
>> problem (it just doesn't make sense), but hopefully someone out there
>> can at least give me a tip to straighten this out.  Yeah, it's a long
>> shot, but what the heck???
> Ho do you start mozilla ? Using menu? or wharf ?
> Have you tried starting mozilla from term windows ?
> Send me your wharf config file if you indeed start it by clicking 
> wharf's button .
>> Mr. Gibbage
> Sasha
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