[As-users] AfterStep XML Images and tiling Ex: AfterStep 2.0 beta4

M.-A. DARCHE (ma.darche@cynode.org)
Wed, 12 May 2004 23:00:18 +0200

Hello list,

Sasha wrote :
> >=20
> > Now, what I'm looking for is an "vertically and horizontally mirrored=
> > background. This couldn't be achieved with the previous version of
> > AfterStep and the only program I know which did that was xv [1]. It's
> > still possible to create mirrored tiles by hand and then giving them =
> > AfterStep but I would like AfterStep to provide this kind of tiling.
> >=20
> > So for example one provide this tile [2] to AfterStep and it gets
> > mirrored and tiled like [3]. Sasha could you make AfterStep do that ?
> You need to use XML to do that :
> <scale id=3D"tile" width=3D"$xroot.width/2" height=3D"$xroot.height/2">
> 	<img src=3D"background_tile"/>
> </scale>
> <composite id=3D"left_tile" width=3D"$xroot.width/2" height=3D"$xroot.h=
> 	<recall srcid=3D"tile"/>
> 	<mirror x=3D0 y=3D"$xroot.height/2" dir=3D"vertical">
> 		<recall srcid=3D"tile"/>
> 	</mirror>
> </composite>
> <composite width=3D"$xroot.width" height=3D"$xroot.height">
> 	<recall srcid=3D"left_tile"/>
> 	<mirror x=3D"$xroot.width/2" y=3D0 dir=3D"horizontal">
> 		<recall srcid=3D"left_tile"/>
> 	</mirror>
> </composite>
> where "background_tile" should be the filename of your original image,=20
> for example : "tiles/DefenselessElsie"

Your example works fine. Thank you. It didn't do exactly what I wanted,
because my description wasn't accurate enough, so it made me use
libAfterImage XML scripts a bit... and I like it, it's clean and

Now I've got exactly my dream tiled background.

I'll soon send a patch to increase doc on the subject, I'm thinking
about the asxmlimages.html. I'll also soon send another patch to update
the doc in some places.

Thank you,

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