Re: [As-users] software patent regarding pager
Thu, 13 May 2004 14:16:45 +0200 (CEST)

> Yeah, its been out for a while. Go download AfterStep while it still
> has  pager :)
> I'm sure KDE/GNOME/REDHAT will get sued first, so I 'll just let them=20
> worry about that stuff.
> Sasha

if you will not do something against it now - afterstep is already dead.
how big is the marketshare of afterstep ? 2 % or 3 % of all X desktops ?
nobody will even notice when m$ gets on afterstep with it=B4s immense=20
financial power and army of lawyers...

if i am not wrong afterstep had a pager long ago before m$ got this patte=
(as afterstep is based on fvwm - which has a pager even longer).

#1 the patent is not valid
cos what got patented was already common sence at that time.
#2 if it is not valid destroy it now - not later - needs effort by the
whole open source comunity
#3 if it=B4s valid, afterstep devel should take place outside the u.s.
    -the whole world will be able to use it - only u.s. citizens will hav=
    to use something without pager
#4 damn software patents - the crazy thing is afterstep and enlightenment
can simulate any 2d optics i can imagine, so any patent regarding 2d wind=
management/desktop management would touch them. imho

again just my 2 cents

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eine Trag=F6die, fuer die die f=FChlen.

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