[As-users] Feature Request: Dynamic Line Wrap in Aterm

Doug Alcorn (dalcorn@z-kat.com)
Tue, 18 May 2004 09:33:28 -0400

I recently had a chance to work with someone who has an Apple
Powerbook running OS X.  Two things really impressed me.  First, the
display postscript (or Aqua, or whatever the graphics display engine
is called) with real alpha layers is simply awesome.  Using scalable
vector graphics for display is clearly the way to go.  I with the guys
at freedesktop.org the best of luck.

The other thing that made my jaw drop was something I don't think has
gotten any big press from anywhere.  My buddy was working in a
terminal and ran some command that had very wide output (imagine
something like 'ls -l /very/very/long/path/to/a/long/filename*').
With every term I know of, when I do that I have to resize the
terminal and then re-run the command to see it formatted nicely.  On
the Mac, resizing the terminal causes all the lines to redisplay
themselves.  This is pretty much how it works when you pipe some
command to 'less'.  As you resize the term while 'less' is running it
redisplays so that the lines are displayed cleanly.

It seems like an obvious usability gain.  Again, I don't know how
hard this is to implement.  But it's slick as snot.
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