Re: [As-users] Feature Request: Tabbed Window Groups

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 18 May 2004 15:09:42 -0500

Doug Alcorn wrote:

> I've been away from AfterStep for a while, but I'm finding myself
> annoyed with my current window manager.  However, there is one
> feature that keeps me from leaving it.  Since Sasha seems to be the
> uber-hacker, I thought he might be interested... :-)
> I use PWM (  AFAIK, it was the
> first window manager to implement tabs.  This is a very useful
> feature that allows you to group multiple applications into what
> appears to be the same frame.  The windows have the exact same
> position and size.  When you move one, you move them all.  When you
> resize one, you resize them all.  The titlebar of the application
> group is segmented so that the titles of all the windows are easily
> visible.  There are bindings to attach a new window to the
> frame/stack/group and detach it.  There are also bindings to rotate
> through the frame/stack/group.  A screen shot showing this feature is
> here:

There is a new module in AS 2.0 designed to do just that - called WinTabs

I got it mostly working, but its config is undocumented yet, and I need 
to implement new AS function - something like SwallowWindow, which, when 
applyed to awindow will cause it to be swallowed by either WinTabs 
module or a Wharf module, depending on its parameters.


> Honestly, I don't know how hard something like this is to implement.
> I'm mostly just sticking with PWM because it works.  However, it also
> doesn't work.  I've recently added a second monitor to my setup and
> PWM doesn't handle xinerama well at all.  PWM also doesn't give that
> fine grained control over window treatment.  Unfortunately it seems
> like the the PWM author has moved on to redesigns of PWM that really
> make it not PWM.  So, development work on PWM has pretty much
> stopped.
> Anyway, there you go.  How hard would this be to do in AfterStep?
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