Re: [As-users] Feature Request: Dynamic Line Wrap in Aterm

Doug Alcorn (
Tue, 18 May 2004 17:39:13 -0400

Sasha Vasko <> writes:

> It will take freedesktop X server to become useably stable and
> sufficiently widespread. I personally seriously doubt that true
> window transparency is usefull - it makes content of the window very
> hard to read. I've experimeted somewhat with implementing this in AS
> menus, but it is so difficult to configure to look properly, that I
> dropped it.

I'm currently using Eterm (for better or worse).  For my normal,
every day, fill up my screen terms I use transparency with fairly
heavy tinting (cmod image 100) and white as my default fg color.
Some colors get hard to read, but that's true if my bg was solid
black.  Also, Eterm adds a fairly crisp drop shadow on text that
immensely improves readability.  I'm also fairly selective on what
backgrounds I choose; typically images that are uniform in color

Are transparent terms/apps necessary?  Not really.  It's definitely
eye candy.  However, it's one of those things that makes me feel
better about my desktop.  It allows me to choose an appropriate
desktop background and actually see it.

I'm also playing with gDesklets right now.  They use transparency and
alpha blending to great affect.  The problem though is that the
windows aren't shaped and are using the same hack of grabbing a chunk
of the background image.  So, when they are on top, you've got a big
square section of your background over your other windows.

I think there's a lot that can be done for desktop aesthetics with
alpha blending.  Yes, older hardware may have a hard time keeping up.
However, I'd expect it would be an optional module in X (just like
xinerama).  Most new machines have more than enough GPU (or whatever)
to handle it.

> I'm rewriting aterm at the moment and something like that will be
> possible with it. Actually it is already possible, if you manage to
> compile it :).

Cool.  I eagerly await!
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