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Doug Alcorn (
Thu, 20 May 2004 09:26:43 -0400

"M.-A. DARCHE" <> writes:

> And as for the mailing lists archives, where is the canonical place
> for them?
> I thought it was but the last
> time they were updated is February 2004.

I don't know the official home for the mailing list archives.  I know
tigr has an archive mailbot updating the above address.  I don't know
what it's status is or if it's "official".  Since the list is run
with GNU Mailman, there's an archive on

is the standard "welcome" page for a Mailman mailing list.  You can
subscribe there, login and change your subscription information, and
browse the archives.

I'll be the first to agree that Mailman's archives aren't the
greatest.  The above address doesn't have thread navigation.  I
really like debian's mailing list archives and their navigation.  I
don't know what they use.  If someone found a good link on setting it
up on debian stable with a Mailman archive, I'd do it.  

I'm guessing that my archives are as complete as anyone's is.  That's
not to say it's a bad thing if someone else wants to archive the
mailing list as well.  Many high-taffic mailing lists have multiple
archives.  For that matter, it might be possible to add as-users to
geocrawler.  Anyway, you asked; I answered.
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