Re: [As-users] DocBook XML conversion
Sat, 22 May 2004 19:43:22 +0200 (CEST)

>> We  ( aka born2late mostly, with my support) are working
>>  on new visual documentation, which you may sample by going to
> Very clever, especially in terms of usability.

thanks a lot. that's what i wanted.

> This is typically what can bring new users to AfterStep, or at list not
> frightening them to use it.

imho, we should not, for now, contentrate on getting new users to afterst=
let me explain what i mean: the advanced features of afterstep are not
really mature as it is now, so if you get new users, you'll get more usel=
complaints (mostly newbies). cos if you use something and it doesn't work
either you leave or start asking questions why things are not working as
described. little example: if you used "WharfNoBorder" with 1.8 you need
to use "WharfBevel none" with 2.0 to get the same result. let us first ir=
out what we can and then go for world domination :))))
As v2.0 is not good documentated (looks nice - but hasn't really in-depth
info) it will put more pressure on sasha, since he would need more time t=
read mail and answer it, so this time would be missing for devolopment.

> A good software without good documentation, unless the software is dead
> simple, will never survive in the end. Sasha, your dedication to
> documentation give me hope for the future of AS. But I'm less optimist
> about the C code. What would happen to AS if you were to stop
> maintaining it? Would someone else be able to understand the AS C code?
> For example, I've just skimmed rapidly through the source and haven't
> found many comments.

Good question. but documention is getting better... my impression is that
afterstep 2 will need til the end of 2004 to get stable and have f******
good documentation - a great icon section ( on my todo list - but i have
something like 37 mb of icons - will take a lotta time to sort them + che=
licenses) and some gui tools (if documentation is really good i suggest d=
ascp - and have only some visualtool for theme handling with preview).

>> I would like to move whole AS doc to something like that, and at the=20
>> same time implement some sort of a bridge between libAfterConf and
>> docs.
> Clever again
>> So if you could generate me XML from current man pages, I would be
>> most  gratefull.

would be cool if some xml specialist could take over some of the
documentation work. as i don't have much knoledge of xml (did some course
at university where we had to learn it) and don't really like it's academ=
overblown design, so i made the doc in html/php which i know and like
better. but i understand that xml is the way to go.

your link:

was very inspiring... perhaps we should use syntax highlightning everywhe=
in the doc where parts of config files are presented. when i have some ti=
i'll change the xml snipplets in the doc to this scheme...

(from another one of your mails:)
>I'm just grateful for what AfterStep provides (powerful configuration,
>freedom to use it and improve it forever, nice maintainers, etc.) and
>now I want to help back.

that's exactly how i feel - if every afterstep2 user does a little to mak=
his knowledge of afterstep available to others (writing doc, providing
icons, default database and wharf entries) things will be in place rather

my two cents,
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a tragedy, for those who feel.

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