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Derek Schaible (
12 May 2004 08:47:27 -0400

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On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 07:55, wrote:
> hi all
> I found on ( ) that m$
> applied for a patent about a "Virtual desktop manager", something we know=
> Pager.
> The direct link to the us patent and trade office is:
> I do not know how patents work, but my guess is that a patent can only be
> granted if you're the first to have an idea. Obviously if other already u=
> what one wants to patent since years - the patent cannot be granted, righ=
t ?
> It is rather hard for me to understand, because english is not my native
> language, and i am no lawyer, no nothing about software patents.

This is rather disturbing. If I read this correctly it seems MS wants to
patent the pager. The question is was Pager ever patented and can MS
jump on it if no one has patented it? If so, can anyone do anything
about if MS was the first to patent it?

Interesting... Anyone have any insight to this?
Derek Schaible <>
CSSI, Inc.

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