Re: [As-users] DocBook XML conversion

Tue, 15 Jun 2004 22:51:42 +0200

Le 2004-05-20 15:36 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko a =E9crit /=20
On 2004-05-20 15:36 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko wrote :
> M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> And then have this structure autogenerated using libAfterConf from=20
> templates. And this templates should be in turn one file per option=20
> containing XML snippets describing it.
> Now to implement all that - I need to have present docs converted into=20
> XML, so that I can extract those templates from it.
> So if you could generate me XML from current man pages, I would be most=
> gratefull.

Are those all the man pages to be converted?


I haven't a good knowledge of how to build man pages, so I ask, are those
source files for themselves, or are they generated from other source=20

I re-ask you my previous question: To what XML format the man pages
should be converted, DocBook XML, XHTML?

I think a conversion to DocBook XML would be more sensible because
DocBook XML can later on be converted to both XHTML and man page.

But I would like your confirmation before starting any work.

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