[As-users] another major bug in afterstep on Solaris

Fabrice Ilponse (fabrice@avertec.com)
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 09:33:38 +0200


    I've updated my cvs tree and i got a crash at:

#3  0x7654c in mylook_get_desk_back (look=0x103ea4, desk=0) at mylook.c:760
760     LOCAL_DEBUG_OUT( "found back %p for dekstop %ld with name 
\"%s\". data = \"%s\" ", myback, desk, dc->back_name, 
myback?myback->data:"<null>" );
(gdb) p myback
$1 = (MyBackground *) 0x1b4ed0
(gdb) p desk
$2 = 0
(gdb) p dc->back_name
$3 = 0x106138 "default_background_0"
(gdb) p myback
$4 = (MyBackground *) 0x1b4ed0
(gdb) p myback->data
$5 = 0x0

I'll try to run afterstep with the -V 0 option for now ;)

By the way, is it possible to change the configure script not to strip 
the installed binaries when --enable-gdb=yes?

C u
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