Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.beta5 released - 2nd problem

Fabrice Ilponse (
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 11:59:33 +0200

Sasha Vasko wrote:

> Start afterstep spooling output into file, like so :
> afterstep -l ~/afterstep.log
Hum... i hadn't tried this one... So what is the perpose of  'afterstep 
-V 0' ?

> Otherwise it will dump too much output into console, and if you start 
> it in term that will cause deadlock, as term will stop processing 
> output untill display is unlocked, but afterstep needs to print debug 
> messages prior to unlocking it.
> <>configuration file. Perhaps is it the wait command in the autoexec 
> when the application could not launch...
>    A little question about configuration:
>>       How can i specify to draw a black border for the windows? 
>> Sometime i can't distinguish between two 'gvim' windows because there 
>> are no left and right edge for the windows. I could not find how to 
>> do it :(
> Add style to database for gvim and put in there :
> Style   "gvim*" BorderWidth 1
i've added:
Style   "*gvim*"         BorderWidth 3
Style   "*GVIM*"         BorderWidth 3

but nothing append.
In the title bar of gvim window i have '[no file] - GVIM1' that's why i 
added the uppercase gvim. I am wrong?

I had a bigger problem. I was messing with ddd. I don't really know what 
i've done when i tried to grab the independant action panel but the 
afterstep menu appeared. I closed it but when i tried again to move the 
ddd window. The resize cursor(if think) was showing and anyway i tryed 
to move the window. But it's not a resizable window IMO. At this point 
no response from afterstep. The process was eating all the CPU power. I 
don't know if the problem reaaly have to do with the non resizeable 
window but it's my guess.

c u
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