Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.beta5 released - first problem

Fabrice Ilponse (
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 15:28:02 +0200

This this the first problem i have with beta5.

    I set the Pager to have only Work 'Pager 0 0'. When i open mozilla, 
it does not appear in Work. In fact when i rerun Paper with 'Pager 0 3', 
mozilla is in WWW. Perhaps it is the position i first launched it? After 
many tries the same thing repeats. I suppose a full restart of afterstep 
would put thing in order but i'm not sure and i don't when to do it ;)

    By the way, i haven't read the doc yet but I can't get the Pager to 
be 4x2 even when I recopy my old Pager configuration file. Also, in the 
original Pager config, there are:
    *WPagerRows           1
    *WPagerColumns        1
Why does the Pager appears 2x2 and not 1x1?
In my case I set them to 4 and 2.

c u

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