Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.beta5 released - first problem

Fabrice Ilponse (
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:37:20 +0200

Sasha Vasko wrote:

> edit database.
> It has styles for mozilla and some other apps to start on desk 1.
> You want to get rid of all StartOnDesk 1

Done, it seems to work but in the file there was a '#' before 
',StartOnDesk 1', doesn't that mean it's a comment?

> Remember that starting Pager with only one desk does not really limit 
> AfterStep to number of desktops. AfterStep always has 10000 desktops.
> Pager only allows you to see some of them.

> Its possible for you to have several Pagers, each displaying its own 
> range of desktops.
>>    By the way, i haven't read the doc yet but I can't get the Pager 
>> to be 4x2 even when I recopy my old Pager configuration file. Also, 
>> in the 
> I would want to see your Pager file.
>> original Pager config, there are:
>>    *WPagerRows           1
>>    *WPagerColumns        1
> Note that its for WPager not Pager. You can start several instances of 
> the same module, adding symlinks to original binary :
> ln -s /usr/local/bin/Pager  /usr/local/bin/WPager
> in this case all the lines in pager file that begins with *WPager will 
> correspond to this second instance, while original Pager will use 
> lines that begins with *Pager
> Same goes for other modules. Basically any line that begins with * is 
> belongs to application with appropriate name. Anything without * will 
> be used by all applications reading this particular configuration 
> file. For example options in base config are used by all modules and 
> afterstep proper regardless of its name.
I see...

>> Why does the Pager appears 2x2 and not 1x1?
>> In my case I set them to 4 and 2.
> You want to set :
> *PagerRows      4
> *PagerColumns     2
I tried that with no effect.
but rather:
*PagerRows      2
*PagerColumns    4

The 'Work' is still 2x2.
But is there not a misunderstanding... my aim is to have one workspace 
'Work' with 4x2 virtual screens...

One more thing found:
When launching afterstep, there a message in the log telling something 
about not finding 'MonitorWharf'. At this point nothing appends until i 
move the mouse around.

c u
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