Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.beta5 released - 2nd problem

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 08:48:32 -0500

Fabrice Ilponse wrote:
> Hi,
>    This time afterstep crashed. I decided to rebuild it with debug=yes 
> on and sigsegv=no.
>    Some applications crashed due to an already signaled kind of bug : 
> the debug messages.
>    For instance for the Pager:
>       0x3e8e8 in add_astbar_label (tbar=0x4124665b, col=0 '\000', row=0 
> '\000', flip=689576,
>    align=690848, h_padding=0, v_padding=0, text=0x0, encoding=0) at 
> decor.c:970
> 970     LOCAL_DEBUG_CALLER_OUT( "label \"%s\"", text );
>    for the WinList:
>    WinList:1092905101:decor.c:set_astbar_hilite:> called from [unknown] 
> with args(172ba8,1,0x6)
> WinList:1092905101:decor.c:add_astbar_label:> called from [unknown] with 
> args(label "Segmentation Fault trapped in WinList.
> Please collect all the listed information and submit a bug report to 
> <>.
> If core dump was generated by this fault, please examine it with gdb and 
> attach results to your report.
> You can use the following sequence to do so :
>   gdb -core core /usr/local/bin/afterstep
>   gdb>backtrace
>   gdb>info frame
>   gdb>info all-registers
>   gdb>disassemble

Both of these are in debug code that is compiled out in production.
I fixed it in CVS, but you can fix it in your tree by replacing line 970 
in libAfterStep/decor.c with :

LOCAL_DEBUG_CALLER_OUT( "label \"%s\"", text?text:"null" );

then try and rebuild and see if it crashes somewhere else.

> ps: the debug options  did not seem to affect the build of the WinList 
> or there was an error in the building. sure a 'make clean' i did not do ;)
>    For the old Pager story: the 4x2 workspace. I said it worked a little 
> to fast. In fact when i try to go to workspace x>2 the workspace blocks 
> on x=2.

Did you change in it base config file, as I said:

DesktopSize 4x2

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