Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.beta5 released - 2nd problem

Fabrice Ilponse (
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:49:08 +0200

Sasha Vasko wrote:

> Both of these are in debug code that is compiled out in production.
> I fixed it in CVS, but you can fix it in your tree by replacing line 
> 970 in libAfterStep/decor.c with :
> LOCAL_DEBUG_CALLER_OUT( "label \"%s\"", text?text:"null" );
> then try and rebuild and see if it crashes somewhere else.
For now, i've just added "#undef LOCAL_DEBUG" in config.h because i 
don't want to wait for a crash to know where to apply the corrections.

>> ps: the debug options  did not seem to affect the build of the 
>> WinList or there was an error in the building. sure a 'make clean' i 
>> did not do ;)
>>    For the old Pager story: the 4x2 workspace. I said it worked a 
>> little to fast. In fact when i try to go to workspace x>2 the 
>> workspace blocks on x=2.
> Did you change in it base config file, as I said:
> DesktopSize 4x2
Yes. It works now. Before, I was getting the 4x2 workspaces but could 
use only the first 2x2. I don't know why :(

> Sasha

I have some more to signal:
    When i was trying to use afterstep in debug mode, there was lots of 
output. When the screen turns blue displaying messages, the display was 
freezed. I made a top and afterstep was using 0% CPU. I killed it and 
rerun it but this time directing the output to a file. No problem.
    I wonder if it's the amount of data output that blocks something. 
The terminal was an aterm. Could there be something like while the 
display turns blue the terminal receives data and saturates X which can 
not answer afterstep or something like that....
    Another thing about the 'MonitorWharf". I've got the same problem: 
afterstep stops loading until i move the mouse.
I've added a symlink to Wharf and the last message before i move the 
mouse is somthing about no entry somewhere. I suppose in some 
configuration file. Perhaps is it the wait command in the autoexec when 
the application could not launch...

    A little question about configuration:
       How can i specify to draw a black border for the windows? 
Sometime i can't distinguish between two 'gvim' windows because there 
are no left and right edge for the windows. I could not find how to do it :(

c u
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