Re: [As-users] Re: AfterStep 2.00.beta5 released

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 02 Sep 2004 09:01:19 -0500

>>7) desktop switching should be faster due to background caching.
> Sadly I haven't observed a big improvement in that area with 
> 1280x1024 JPEG images for each of my 5 desktops. Actually on a Pentium
> II 300Mhz having those image backgrounds makes AS 2.0 unusable :-( This
> was not the case with previous versions of AS.

do you see animated effect when switching desktops and background 
changes ? It may be slow the first time desktop changes, but later on it 
will switch to the same desk much faster.
It works here without a problem.

> Those 2 bugs are still hanging around since the first betas of AS 2:
>   - Commented "AutoTabThroughDesks" has not effect, window switching
>     is always performed through all desks.
>   - The WinList jumps 1O or 20 pixels down after a few window switchings
>     and then disturbs window placement.
> I would qualify those 2 last bugs as blocking for the stable release,
> while not being able to use large images is not.

Ok, I'll work on it now, thanks for reminding me.

> Cheers,

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