[As-users] feel.DEFAULT key modification suggestions

M.-A. DARCHE (ma.darche@cynode.org)
Sat, 4 Sep 2004 21:49:43 +0200


Many of us already have our customized conf files, but we should think
about the usability of the stock AfterStep that new users will have when
they'll try the new AfterStep 2.0.

Following this concern, there are 2 points about key bindings that I
would like to change in the feel.DEFAULT, that is the default feel,
shipped with a stock AfterStep.

1. Key v obstructing applications

In feel.DEFAULT, there is the following key binding:
> # ctrl-v =3D paste
> Key v           W       C       PasteSelection

This causes problems to applications such as Mozilla and
OpenOffice.org that rely on this combo, since the window manager
eats the key event that those applications cannot get afterward.

Leave this combo *but* commented, so people can use it if they really
want to, and beside it gives an example.

2. Better key bindings to switch to particular desktops

In feel.DEFAULT, there is the following key bindings:
> # shift + control + arrow =3D change desktop
> Key Left        A       SC      Desk 0 0
> Key Right       A       SC      Desk 0 1
> Key Up          A       SC      Desk 0 2
> Key Down        A       SC      Desk 0 3

Those bindings are not very usable since the scheme applied to desktop,
that goes from left to right, is not the same scheme applied to keys,
that goes left-right-up-and down.

I have discovered the below key bindings when using KDE on another
machine, and it really makes more sense. Especially it also follows the
scheme of the combos for switching Unix consoles. So this is really more
intuitive. And in the end this scheme is much more scalable since one
can use up to many more f<n> functions keys than just the 4 arrow keys.

Key F1          A       C       Desk 0 0
Key F2          A       C       Desk 0 1
Key F3          A       C       Desk 0 2
Key F4          A       C       Desk 0 3
Key F5          A       C       Desk 0 4

So I would like to commit those 2 suggestions if users, coders and main
coder i:-) of AfterStep do agree on what is proposed.=20

Thank you for your attention,

Marc-Aur=E8le DARCHE  <http://www.cynode.org/>
AFUL <http://www.aful.org/>
Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Linux/Logiciels Libres
French speaking Linux and Libre Software Users' Association
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