Re: [As-users] post compilation problems with as-2.00

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 01 Oct 2004 08:59:05 -0500

Fabrice Ilponse wrote:
> Hi again,
>    I've gottem into problem with the configuration files of as-2.00:
>       - files in desktop/... and some others were not copied into the 
> installation directoty of AS.

hmm, do you have find utility ? does it support -maxdepth  arg ?

>       - problem when installing in ASGendocs:
>    Generating catalogue of installed data files ...
> /bin/sh: 
> FONT_PATH=~/.afterstep/desktop/fonts/:/users/disk03/chaos/local/Solaris/share/afterstep/desktop/fonts/:/usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType/:/usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/TTF: 
> is not an identifier
> make: *** [install.data_html] Error 1

Thats wierd. All I do is assign a shell var  value of another var.

>       - some files as "default-iconize-light" use "dots/windows_medium" 
> but "windows_medium" is in "dots/png"
>          and "dots/png" is not in the paths( only "dots" is).

Files from dots/png and dots/xml gets installed into dots/
Same goes for other image files - in distro we keep them under different 
subdirs depending on file format, but they all get bundled together when 
we install them.

> I'm still on Solaris.
> I moved the files to make it work but it's a little ugly to do that ;)

ok I'll see if I can lay my hands on solaris box to debug it.
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