[As-users] starting some expternal application from autoexec

Jacques Silberstein (jacques@abstraction.ch)
09 Oct 2004 09:44:03 +0200

I'd like to start some application at the beginning of an an afterstep
session. As I understand the documentation a should add some instruction
in autoexec, formaly in ~/.afterstep/autoexec.
I did this:
	Module  "I"     Wharf
	Wait    "I"     Wharf

	Exec    "I"     "KWord" kword
	Wait    "I"	KWord
	Module  "I"	Banner

With that code fragment, the startup is slower but kword doesn't start.
The banner comes later. 

What's wrong ?

Jacques Silberstein <jacques@abstraction.ch>

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