[As-users] control lost on wm (as-2.0)

Fabrice Ilponse (fabrice@avertec.com)
Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:25:09 +0200


    I got into "freezing" wm problem with overlaping windows (i guess).
    I'm using DDD (data display debugger) which has a panel to control 
the debug staying on top level of the main window.
    I have my "Wharf" also on top level. If i move the panel behind the 
Wharf, i can do nothing except  killing my DDD.
    The load stays high for a little moment and i get the control back.

    I think I've seen the same thing with 2 running DDD havind their 
panel moving one on top of the other. I was also loosing the wm control.

    Anyone experienced this?

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