Re: [As-users] Wharf Problem

Alexei V. Mezin (
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 20:48:31 +0300

Martin DiViaio wrote:

> If I click the "Traffic light" icon (in Monitor Wharf), I get a
> transparent box with a black border to the left side of the icon.  When I
> click the Traffic light again, the two icons that are supposed to be there
> appear VERY briefly then the box is retracted.

I can reproduce this bug with *WharfGeometry -0-0 but everything is Ok 
with +0+0. It looks like a problem with Wharf buttons animation. If I 
start Wharf with +0+0 geometry and manually move it to right bottom 
corner (position with -0-0 geometry) it work fine but has a bug with 
animation. After click on the button transparent box appears and then 
images of inside buttons fills that transparent box _from left to right_ 
while it should be from _right to left_.

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