[As-users] Configuration Documentations and samples.

Jacques Silberstein (jacques@abstraction.ch)
02 Oct 2004 14:49:53 +0200

I'd like to use afterstep because 
 1) it is far away from MS style.
 2) it is really nice.
 3) it is user programamble.

I thing I did forget it for a few years because it was'n any more in
front place of the Linux distributions. Now, only the heavy ugly kde
(not so ugly than the MS style but...) and the a little bit lighter
Gnomes are suggested.
But right now I need to performe some action when the user change of
page un order to use a separate instance of the same program. This
does'nt seem to be possible the usuals windows manager. 
But I did remainber than Afterstep offer that flexibility. I'is the
reason why I back to Afterstep. But the current state of the
documentation of version 2.0 is hard to use for me. Are there somewhere
a good documentattion for configuring actions.
I do need the create small sticky menu to select the appropriate working
area and redirect the external resource (other than keyboard,mousse) the
the most appropriated application sub-window. That should not be hard
but first I didn't succed to call a function from the winlist. Then, ...

Are there somewhere some goo examples ?

Tanks for any help.

Jacques Silberstein <jacques@abstraction.ch>

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