[As-users] upcoming releases of AfterStep and aterm

Sasha Vasko (sasha@aftercode.net)
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 10:39:49 -0600

Hi all

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm planning on releasing 
AfterStep 2.00.01 and aterm 1.0 upcoming tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

AfterStep is mostly a bugfix release. I think I nailed all of the bugs I 
was aware of, except for some iconification stuff that I cannot reproduce.

aterm release is based on old codebase with all the patches applied. It 
was converted to use AfterStep libraries for imaging and it does funky 
stuff, such as - you can define *aterm MyStyle in look - and it will be 
used by aterm. All the supplied looks in AfterStep had been updated to 
include one such MyStyle, and switching looks - changes the way aterms 
look automagically.

It also does things like semitransparentbackground images, gradients, etc.

It will still work without AfterStep, but it won't be able to load any 
images, and could only do good old pseudo-transparency and shading.

No antialiasing, UNICODE or UTF8 support. Implementing it will require 
sagnificant rewrite effectively creating a different application. In 
addition to that some of the technologies required from X are not yet 
very mature, and not available on some brands of X servers. Something to 
work on in the future.

You can preview afterstep by checking out from cvs :

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.aftercode.net:/home/cvsroot co 

and aterm :

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.aftercode.net:/home/cvsroot co aterm1

NOTE that aterm's module is aterm1 - not aterm.

Please send me your log files for all the bugs that you still see happening.

To obtain log file for AfterStep :

cd afterstep-stable && ./configure --enable-gdb && make clean && make && 
make install

and then run it as :

afterstep -l ~/afterstep.log

Don't forget to gzip the log prior to e-mailing it to me as it tends to 
be huge.

Thank you all for continued support.

Sasha Vasko
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