Re: [As-users] upcoming releases of AfterStep and aterm

Thu, 25 Nov 2004 10:27:36 +0100

Le 2004-11-24 10:39 (mercredi), Sasha Vasko a =E9crit /=20
On 2004-11-24 10:39 (mercredi), Sasha Vasko wrote :
> Just wanted to let you all know that I'm planning on releasing=20
> AfterStep 2.00.01 and aterm 1.0 upcoming tuesday and Wednesday respecti=
> AfterStep is mostly a bugfix release. I think I nailed all of the bugs =
> was aware of, except for some iconification stuff that I cannot reprodu=

I now use AS 2.0 from CVS on all the computers I use at work and am very
pleased with it :-) I was using AS 2.0 only at home before.

There is still a reported bug not fixed in AS at the moment:
> [As-bugs] Print key cannot be binded

Since I reported this bug the situation has changed a bit: the print key
now prints the active window while before it wasn't doing anything. But
still this key cannot be binded in feel files and that was the key we
were using here to take screen and window captures. I miss that key
binding possibility :-(

Before releasing the new stabilized version, I would like to commit some
very small usability changes in the values of feel.DEFAULT and database
files. This is so that users trying AfterStep for the first time will
find the default values more usable. Usually most of us old AS users
don't care too much about the default values because we have our own
custom look and feel, but it is not true for people who try AfterStep
for the first time. Sasha, I'll email you privately so that I can commit

And not a bug related to AfterStep code, but to AfterStep promotion:

> Thank you all for continued support.

And thank you for your continued work!


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