Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.01 released

Tue, 7 Dec 2004 09:57:23 +0100

Le 2004-12-06 16:02 (lundi), Doug Alcorn a =E9crit /=20
On 2004-12-06 16:02 (lundi), Doug Alcorn wrote :
> "M.-A. DARCHE" <> writes:
> > As a side-note it seems to me that every bug report on the as-bugs
> > mailing list should have an email answer which says "fixed", "closed"=
> > etc. when it has been dealt with.
> That would either require a real bug database (like bugzilla) or sasha
> to manually generate the mail.


Answering an email by saying:
"bug fixed as of CVS commit from the 2004-xx-xx, please report if it's
fixed for you" does not seem too complicated to me.

As it is now, one cannot tell if a bug is really fixed or if Sasha forgot
about it. This is really inefficient, for both coders, testers and
send-users as well.

> Given another domain name, I could host bugzilla for afterstep along
> side the mailing lists.  Currently, only points to
> my server.  I'd need another hostname like to point
> to me too.  Of course, sasha could just use the tracker on as
> well... It's his choice.

I would love to use a bugzilla or a SourceForge tracker to report bugs.

It would really make the situation more efficient, and ease Sasha's and
every body's life I'm sure :-)

Marc-Aur=E8le DARCHE  <>
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