[As-users] RaiseLower different in version 2.0

Etienne Perron (etienne.perron@gmx.ch)
Sun, 26 Dec 2004 14:56:19 +0100


I updated my afterstep to version 2.00.01.
Unfortunately, version 2.0 seems to interpret certain commands in the 
"feel" file differently.

The "feel" file is located in ~/.afterstep/feels/
and contains by default the lines:
Mouse 3         T       A       RaiseLower
Mouse 3         FS      A       Move

The first line specifies that if one clicks with the right mousebutton 
on the titlebar of the windows while holding any modifier key (alt, 
ctrl, shift), the function RaiseLower is executed on the window.

In the old afterstep versions, the function RaiseLower used to lower the 
window (put it to the background) if it was raised and to raise it (put 
it to the foreground) if it was lowered.
In version 2.0, the function lowers the window if it was raised, but, if 
the window is in the background (lowered), the function raises it only 
as long as the mouse button is being held. As soon as you release the 
button, it goes back to the background.

The second line above specifies that if one clicks with the right 
mousebutton on the window-frame or the bottom window-bar while holding 
any modifier key, the function Move is executed on the window.
The function Move obviously moves the window. However, in version 2.0, 
the window is also raised to the foreground at the same time. In older 
versions of AS, it was possible to move the window while it was lowered 
(while parts of it were behind other windows).

Does anyone know why these functionalities have changed? Is this a bug 
or was it intended? I really got used to the behaviour of my old 
afterstep, and I'm very annoyed with these changes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot
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