Re: [As-users] Some programs prefer certain desktops

Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:23:04 +0100

Le 2004-12-29 18:15 (mercredi), Renegade Muskrat a =E9crit /=20
On 2004-12-29 18:15 (mercredi), Renegade Muskrat wrote :
> I'm using AfterStep 2.00.01. I've noticed that a couple applications=20
> will only run on certain desktops. For instance, Mozilla Firefox always=
> wants to be on desk 1. Regardless of which desk i start Firefox from,=20
> it always appears on desk 1. If i move it to a different desk, new=20
> windows and dialog boxes appear on desk 1. If i restart the window=20
> manager, all Firefox windows are relocated to desk 1. I've noticed=20
> kmail has a similar problem, but it uses desk 2 instead of 1. Since it=20
> is only a few programs that do this, and they didn't have this problem=20
> before i upgraded from AfterStep 1.8.11, i assume AfterStep is causing=20
> it. Is there a way to fix this?

What you are experiencing is due to the "StartsOnDesk" option:

The "StartsOnDesk" option if really helpful and much appreciated by the
AS users.

This option is specified in the database file of your AfterStep

To override the system's defaults, you have to copy the system's
database file into your ~/.afterstep/ directory, then edit this file for
each applications and restart your AfterStep instance.

Simply removing the "StartsOnDesk" option for an application will let
you use this application on any desk. But the recommended way with
AfterStep is to have a desktop dedicated to each kind of task, for
example: web, email-irc-jabber-news-communications, office applications,
graphics, etc. This really increases one's productivity.


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