[As-users] Shortcut keys not working, possible Pager bug

Renegade Muskrat (dramaley@spatulacity.cx)
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 21:28:03 -0600

Hello. I'm using AfterStep 2.00.01 and trying to get a few shortcut 
keys working that i previously had in 1.8.11.

I want to be able to press the left "windows" key (which i've mapped to 
modifier 3) plus one of Home, End, Page Up, or Page Down to switch the 
desk. In my feel file i have this:

# left windows key + other key = change desktop
Key Home        A       3       Desk 0 0
Key End         A       3       Desk 0 3
Key Page_Up     A       3       Desk -1
Key Page_Down   A       3       Desk 1

The Home and End work just fine. The Page_Up and Page_Down do not. When 
i press windows+PageUp i would like the desk number to be decreased by 
1, so that if i was on desk 3 and pressed windows+PageUp i would then 
be on desk 2. Similarly for windows+PageDown i want the desk number to 
be increased by 1. Under AfterStep 1.8.11 this worked. But under 
2.00.01, when i press windows+PageUp the desk is switched to 0, rather 
than being decreased by 1. And when i press windows+PageDown, the desk 
is also switched to 0. Is there something else i need to set to make 
this work correctly? Or does the Desk function in AS 2.00.01 have a 
different syntax that i missed somewhere?

Next, i have some keys defined to take screen shots:

Key Print       A       A       TakeScreenShot
Key Print       A       S       TakeWindowShot
Key Print       A       C       TakeFrameShot

When i press any of these, i can't locate the screen shot file (if one 
is being created at all). The documentation i read indicates that these 
functions should create files in my home directory. This is not the 
case. I also checked the system temp directories (/tmp and /var/tmp), 
and AfterStep's configuration directory (~/.afterstep) but screen shots 
weren't there either. Is there somewhere else i should look for screen 
shot files?

Finally, i've noticed an oddity with Pager. I have 4 virtual desktops 
(0 through 3). Pager is arranged in a single column of 4 rows. For each 
desk, Pager has a minimize button that when pressed collapses Pager's 
view of that particular desk. If i minimize desks 1-3, then expand them 
again Pager becomes a few pixels taller than it was before. The 
desktops that are displayed become stretched vertically to fill the new 
height. To correct the distortion i have to stop and restart Pager.
                                                -- Dan
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