Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.00.01 released

Mon, 6 Dec 2004 11:19:46 +0100

Le 2004-12-02 10:23 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko a =E9crit /
On 2004-12-02 10:23 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko wrote :
> As promised AfterStep 2.00.01 was just released.
> Many a bugs and shortcoming complained about where fixed. In fact I onl=
> know of one that is yet unaddressed - ocasional segfault on=20
> de-iconization. I cannot reproduce it, so if anyone still has it=20
> happening - please e-mail me your config, logs, etc.

The bug "Maximize should enlarge windows over non-existent WinList"
has not been fixed, or at least it seems not. Could you confirm whether
it is fixed or not please?

And there is always the bug "Print key cannot be binded"
that awaits confirmation too. Could you confirm that it works for you?
More on this bug here:

As a side-note it seems to me that every bug report on the as-bugs
mailing list should have an email answer which says "fixed", "closed",
etc. when it has been dealt with.

As it is now for the "Maximize" and "Print" bug, they still look like
open bugs.


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