Re: [As-users] Issues with AS 2.00.01
Sat, 15 Jan 2005 16:44:01 +0100

> 3) AS feels very slow
> AS 2.x feels much slower than 1.8.  At the same time, slow operations do not
> appear to consume a lot of CPU time.  For example, there is a 1/4 to 1/2
> second delay when I use CTRL+arrow to scroll my desktop whereas with AS 1.8
> this occured with no such delay.  Because of this delay, I can issue several
> scroll commands and then watch the screen and pager as the scroll actually
> occurs.  While it is moving about, I can watch the CPU monitor and see that it
> is nearly idle.  To me, this means that whatever the delay, it's not caused by
> CPU munching.

This is a serious problem for me, ruining the "scrollable desktop" 
experience. It seems like Afterstep performs full screen redraw after 
each scroll event. What's curious, if I do this while holding a window 
(drag a window across viewport border) the changes are almost 
instanteous, while contents of other windows gets blurred (not updated 
correctly). Although worse in the "looks" dept, this is definitely a way 
better "feel", and I'll sacrifice a bit of the looks anytime for faster, 
more smoothly running interface - and the feel of AS2.0 usablity went 
down the drain for me because of it.

...also confirming slowness of "animate/open/resize" operations.

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