Re: [As-users] Issues with AS 2.00.01

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 18 Jan 2005 15:23:28 -0600

Renegade Muskrat wrote:
> I've noticed that AS 2 is very slow as well. 1.8 was quite snappy on my 
> hardware (dual processor PII-450 with a Matrox graphics card from the 
> same era). With 2 i'm slowly learning to only use the first virtual 
> desktop and to ignore the others. The cost (in time) of switching 
> desktops in AS 2 is just too high. When a new desk draws in i can 
> actually watch it filling the screen. The screen seems to be divided 
> into blocks, which are filled in order from lower right to upper left. 

Well, you could try commenting out AnimateDeskChange in the feel file
Or at least reducing CoverAnimationSteps to 0

Also these setting might work for you in the look :

KillBackgroundThreshold 10000000

>  >5) AS modules always on top of other windows
>  >With my old configuration, I had the AS modules set to AvoidCover.
>  >These included pager, Wharf, and Winlist.  This would prevent small
>  >windows from covering them, but if I opened a very large window, I
>  >could cover them and the new window would be on top as well.
>  >
>  >Now, however, these modules always seem to be op top regardless.  If I
>  >open alarge window, it will be beneath.  Even fullscreen windows such

Looking in the database file you'll see that Pager and Wharf always go 
into Layer 3 and 4, which makes them on top of any other window.
Either create a Style for your full screen app and put it into even 
higher layer, or Put Pager and Wharf into default layer which is 0.

>  >as Xine or mplayer output will be beneath these modules.  In the
>  >default database file, these modules has "Layer" options in their
>  >config.  I removed these, hoping it would make the modules behave like
>  >other windows, but it did not help.

You should explicitely tell AfterStep to put them into Layer 0. With all 
this newfashioned window management compatibility specs going around ( 
aka GNOME/KDE compatibility ) modules can request special treatment, 
which they do, so if you want them to stick to lowest layer - you must 
explicitely say so. Although from the experience it is better to put 
your special apps to higher layers, then to "lower" AS modules.

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