Re: [As-users] Different colorschemes for each desktop

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 03 Jan 2005 08:54:01 -0600

Renegade Muskrat wrote:
> Is it possible with AS 2.00.01 to have a different color scheme for each 
> desktop? I noticed the current color scheme (Stormy Skies) was stored in:
>     ~/.afterstep/non-configuration/0_colorscheme
> I tried copying a different colorscheme file to 1_colorscheme:
>     $ cp /usr/share/afterstep/colorschemes/colorscheme.Gold_On_Blue \
>       ~/.afterstep/non-configurable/1_colorscheme
> Then i restarted AfterStep, expecting desktop 0 to be Stormy Skies and 
> desktop 1 to be Gold On Blue. However, all desktops still use Stormy 
> Skies; 1_colorscheme is ignored. Is is possible to have different color 
> schemes on different desktops, and if so, what else must i do besides 
> copying the color scheme files?

You have to recompile AfterStep with --enable-different-looknfeels 
option set. That will let you have different looks on each and every 
desktop. Beware though that makes desktop switching very slow as look 
needs to be reloaded every time. I know its a bit backward - something 
for me to work on in future.


>                                                -- Dan
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