[As-users] Proper way to position a window?

John Gruenenfelder (johng@as.arizona.edu)
Tue, 1 Feb 2005 22:47:03 -0700

When my AS starts, I have three aterms started in my autoexec file, each
specifying their own geometry via "-geometry".  This works just fine.  They
all appear in the first viewport of my first (and only) desk.  If I modify
their geometry to place them offscreen, on another viewport to the right for
example, this also works just fine.

Now, I am trying to run some programs on startup which do not accept
"-geometry" or, as far as I can see, any other geometry specification.
Namely, these programs are Gaim, Skype, and Firefox.

For example, I want Gaim and Skype on the viewport to the right of the default
one.  To accomplish this, I added into "database":

Style   "Gaim"          ViewPortX 1280, ViewPortY 25

What I expected to have happen was for Gaim's window to simply appear
offscreen at those coordinates.  What actually occurs is that my screen
actually shifts to display that viewport.  Then Gaim's window appears,
positioned as if by RandomPlacement.

The same sort of scenario occurs for both Skype and Firefox.  The screen will
shift to display that viewport and then the window is randomly placed.

I also tried using DefaultGeometry like so:

Style   "Gaim"          DefaultGeometry +1280+25

But this did not seem to have any affect.  All programs appeared on the
default viewport.

What am I doing wrong?  How can I force these programs to appear right where I
want them?

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