Re: [As-users] Start menu question, Pager bug report
Thu, 3 Feb 2005 20:11:50 +0100 (CET)

> I recently updated to AS 2.00.02. I especially appreciate the new=20
> include_ordered feature in the menu .include file. But, as i continue=20
> my quest to customize my desktop a little more, i've run into a small=20
> configuration issue that i don't know how to fix. Many applications=20
> that are listed in the system start menu have icons next to them.=20
> Having icons is kind of nice, so i don't want to get rid of them. But=20
> some icons are larger than others. Some icons appear as 16x16 while=20
> others are 48x48. If a particular submenu only has 16x16 icons, then=20
> the menu appears perfectly. But if the submenu contains one or more=20
> larger icons, then each menu item is rendered with vertical space above
>  and below it to accomodate the larger icons. Is there a configuration=20
> switch that i can use to tell AfterStep to render *all* start menu=20
> icons at 16x16 regardless of what size the actual icon file uses?

i do not know of any config switch of this kind (please correct me if the=
is one), _but_ afterstep has xml images so you could replace all icons
referenced in the start menu with xml images pointing to the real icons,
scaled to the desired size.

those xml images should look something like this:

<scale width=3Dproportional height=3D16>
 <img id=3Dscaledxlogo.png src=3Doriginal/xlogo.png/>

with a little shell script knowledge this is for sure not difficult to

> Finally, i've found an interesting visual bug in Pager. If you expand=20
> and collapse Pager's views of virtual desktops repeatedly, it will=20
> stretch in the vertical direction. I've taken screen shots of the=20
> process with some more descriptive text and put it here:=20
>                                                 -- Dan

i'll look if i can reproduce this pager stuff as soon as i have more free
time and send a log file to sasha. with my current setup i do not get the

off topic : is anybody using the documentation of afterstep?
i know it is not really useable for novices and missing a lot of stuff
(around 280 entries) but feedback would be _very_ welcome (help of course
even more).

Niklas Lunger

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