Re: [As-users] Proper way to position a window?

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 23 Feb 2005 16:07:44 -0600

John Gruenenfelder wrote:

> When my AS starts, I have three aterms started in my autoexec file, each
> specifying their own geometry via "-geometry".  This works just fine.  They
> all appear in the first viewport of my first (and only) desk.  If I modify
> their geometry to place them offscreen, on another viewport to the right for
> example, this also works just fine.
> Now, I am trying to run some programs on startup which do not accept
> "-geometry" or, as far as I can see, any other geometry specification.
> Namely, these programs are Gaim, Skype, and Firefox.
> For example, I want Gaim and Skype on the viewport to the right of the default
> one.  To accomplish this, I added into "database":
> Style   "Gaim"          ViewPortX 1280, ViewPortY 25
> What I expected to have happen was for Gaim's window to simply appear
> offscreen at those coordinates.  What actually occurs is that my screen
> actually shifts to display that viewport.  Then Gaim's window appears,
> positioned as if by RandomPlacement.
> The same sort of scenario occurs for both Skype and Firefox.  The screen will
> shift to display that viewport and then the window is randomly placed.
> I also tried using DefaultGeometry like so:
> Style   "Gaim"          DefaultGeometry +1280+25

There was a bug in DefaultGeometry handling. Fixed in CVS.
You should combine both DefaultGeometry and ViewportXY. Any window is 
always placed on screen so it is visible. I may need to add setting to 
allow windows being placed off-screen. But for now you cannot escape 
Viewport changed at the time of Gaim initial placement.


> But this did not seem to have any affect.  All programs appeared on the
> default viewport.
> What am I doing wrong?  How can I force these programs to appear right where I
> want them?
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