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Andrew Sullivan (ajs@crankycanuck.ca)
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 11:02:53 -0500


As something of an oldbie around AfterStep (I'm the same Andrew
Sullivan mentioned in the FAQ), I was surprised to learn that,
with 2.0, there's been another Grand Unified Configuration Scheme
change.  (I haven't trolled the list archives looking for the
reasoning.  I will tell you, however, that I'll bet you'll get a
bunch of angry emails in around 6 months when everyone's old configs
stop working.  We had the same problem during the 1.4 releases,
and ISTR that the flameage from that was one of the reasons Guyhelm
stopped working on the project.  In case it matters, I rather wish
you hadn't done this.  But I'm not contributing, so it's not like I
can complain.)

It appears that the Debian maintainer has decided to move 2.x into
the testing distribution, which causes me pain because all my old,
carefully maintained config files, which have followed me around now
for going on 6 years, are now worthless.  There seems to be very
little in the documentation (which itself is sort of sparse) about
how to upgrade from an older version to 2.x without having to create
all new config files from scratch.  Have I missed it somewhere?  An
RTFM link is fine, I just need to know where to look.  (I already
wasted an hour this morning in a somewhat fruitless go at this
problem.  For the time being, I've recompiled 1.8 locally and
installed that; but package management is the whole reason I'm using


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