Re: [As-users] aterm and fflush()

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 04 Mar 2005 10:15:53 -0600

Problem si present with latest beta as well.
Essentially what's happening is that you write stuff too fast. If you 
increase delay - it all looks much better. But with the small delay too 
much input overwhelms aterm, at its safety logic, that prevents too many 
updates to screen, kicks in. This logic was calculated to only work well 
with many a \n chars, but not \r. I improved that now and if you were to 
try out aterm1 from cvs you should see an improvement. So next beta will 
have your problem fixed. For now try increasing delay to more sensible 
value :)

Pierre Maziere wrote:

> So nobody for my obviously anachronic problem ?
>> I know that aterm is now in version 1.00 beta, but I can't install 
>> afterstep 2.0 for several reasons.

aterm 1.00 only requires AfterStep if you want to load images into 
background or use MyStyles. If you only do transparency or solid colors 
- you don't need afterstep.

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