Re: [As-users] problem with "save session"

Andre De Michiel (
Sun, 6 Mar 2005 11:34:39 +1100

> Well it gets saved automagically at the time of logout in 
> ~/.afterstep/non-configurable/workspace_state
> To save it to any other file or at arbitrary point, you can use function 
>  SaveWorkspace described here :
> And bind it to a keypress or a menu item, or wharf button.

since moving to afterstep 2.0 i have never had a working saved workspace
state (from the beta versions through until 2.0.2). logging out just
generates the following:

Function "WorkspaceState"

The only time I seem to be able to get a workspace state saved is when I
update the afterstep start menu. This problem has occured on both debian
stable, debian sarge, slackware 10.0 and slackware 10.1 machines. Is
there something I am missing in a config file that would be causing

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