Re: [As-users] upgrading

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 08 Mar 2005 11:22:30 -0600

John Gruenenfelder wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 03:08:26PM -0600, Sasha Vasko wrote:
>>Could somebody please try current CVS - I may have fixed the problem 
>>with Animate in there.
> Just tried current CVS, but it's not compiling at present.  There seems to be
> an error in asapp.h, but I'm not sure what the proper fix is.  I've attached
> the "make" output.  This output does show one other minor bug.  When building,
> the make process ought to come to a halt after an error, but in this case, it
> keeps on going after multiple errors (all caused in different files which
> #include asapp.h).

I don't see how that error occured.

But I noticed one thing - you use some interesting compile flags - it 
looks like you are building with --enable-audit. Don't do that as it 
will slow AfterStep to a crawl, and is only needed when one is debuggin 
memory leaks. another thing you may want to drop is 
-fommit-frame-pointer, as AfterStep contains some self-diagnostic code 
that relies on proper frame pointer.

Could you please recompile without those? and if it still fails - what 
other flags you gave to configure ?

BTW I fixed few warnings from your log. Thanks

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