Re: [As-users] upgrading
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 23:11:58 +0100 (CET)

Hi Andrew!

Good to see that the names of old AfterStep fame are still around!

> On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 01:24:33PM -0600, Sasha Vasko wrote:
>> Nothing of the sorts :) The only big change was to revert back from 
>> ~/GNUstep/L/A nonsense to more standard ~/.afterstep.
> So if I try just copying old files from ~/G/L/A to ~/.afterstep, I'll
> get some clues about what breaks?

it should not be a big problem to get your old config to work with 2.0.3
after all the beta days are over and afterstep is really hard to crash now :)

documentation is locally available through afterstepdoc (no idea why debian
links to the old 1.8 faq instead to asdocgen generated html docs); just in
case: they are located in /usr/share/doc/afterstep/html/ .

>> I tried my best to keep AS as backwards compatible as possible, and 
>> considering that it was rewriten almost completely within last years,
>> I  think I did a good job at it. There are some oddities though due to
>> the 
> I'm not trying to fault anyone.  I just have a problem I'm trying to
> fix.  I often spend 14 hours a day in my window manager, and the
> keystrokes are built into my neurons now.  And alas, I don't have
> much time to futz with a new config (so it's easier just to maintain an
> old version forever unless this is a trivial matter).

should not be so hard : MyBackground instead of asetroot
MyFrame settings instead of old frames. base instead of
WharfNoBorder is now WharfBevel none (though it still works).
WharfShapeToContents and WharfFitContents if you're not using 64x64 pixmaps.
WharfNoWidthdraw is obsolete use WharfWithdrawStyle 0

that should get you started. if you find more traps. tell us.

>> Something tells me though that you will be better off trying supplied 
>> look/feels that do take advantage of many a new features, and then 
>> altering whichever one you like best to your liking. After all there 
> I was afraid that'd be the case.  Ok.  Thanks.

sasha was always very responsive and helpfull if someone needed a new
feature/something went wrong. the thing is afterstep has more then 800
configuration switches, sasha can no way know what every little switch
does. i noticed that when i requested that the Transient switch(Wharf) be
included in afterstep again.


Niklas L.
born2late on IRC

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