Re: [As-users] Dual desktops not working in 2.00.03

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 09:10:47 -0600

Graydon wrote:

> This is on an up to date Fedora Core 3.
> With two independent desktops, one per identical monitor -- which works
> fine in 2.00.02 -- all the as-apps that I include in the Wharf (asclock,
> salmon, wmnet) and the pager for the Desk 1 wharf appear on Desk 0.  So
> do applications I start from Desk 1.

See if you explicitely set DISPLAY environment from any of shell rc 
scripts. AfterStep sets proper DISPLAY depending on screen number ( at 
least it should and does for me ) but as shell scripts are run after AS 
starts apps - the may override it with default screen 0 value.

also to avoid confusion we use term "screen" not "desk" while refering 
to multihead setup.

> I have no idea why this might be the case, but it seemed worth
> mentioning. :)

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