[As-users] AfterStep 2.00.04 released

Sasha Vasko (sasha@aftercode.net)
Tue, 22 Mar 2005 16:00:39 -0600

Hi all.

Just wanted to let you all know that thanks to all your input and help 
in bug hunting, we now have a new AfterStep release 2.0.4

It includes :
	* Proper shared memory cleanup
	* Focus handling fixes. This was manifesting itself in windows not 
getting focus right after desktop switch.
	* SmartPlacement fixes. Basically it works now :)
	* Drastic slowdowns when Animate is running and there are many windows 
open is now fixed. Those complaining about AS performance should be 
satisfied now.
	* The new look.Breeze.
	* Work started on new FAQs - those wishing to help - please do.
	* Compilation with gcc 4 should work now.
	* aterm should now link properly.
	* desktop cover tint is now to be the same as Base color of the 
colorscheme. ( It is selected randomly from 6 alternatives on startup, 
and then Base color is used ).

Thank you all for continued support

Sasha Vasko
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