Re: [As-users] focus to new window?

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 03 Mar 2005 09:03:22 -0600

Andrey Shipsha wrote:

> Dear AS friends,
> In the old AfterStep (1.8.x) I used to have a functionality which seems 
> missing in the new 2.0.x version. This is that any window comes up on 
> the screen unfocused and I need to click to the window to bring the focus.
> For example, if I press Ctrl-P which is a shortcut for a printing dialog 
> in many programs, the dialog window pops up on the screen unfocused. So, 
> I need explicitely point the mouse, click and bring it to focus. I don't 
> use the option when the focus follows the mouse position. The fact that 
> any window comes up unfocused in the new AS really frustrates me and I 
> have no idea where I should look to change it.

Add Style to database file with FocusOnMap set in it. To enable this for 
all windows - change Style "*".

For example :

Style "*Print*"     FocusOnMap

Basically it is a security feature, to prevent your input from going 
into rogue windows that popup on screen without your request.

BTW this could be turned off using NoFocusOnMap attribute.

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