Re: [As-users] AS looks questions

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 14 Apr 2005 09:13:07 -0500

Sean Dague wrote:

> A couple of questions
> 1) Could AS be made to see fonts that fontconfig can see?  I found I had to
> relink system fonts into ~/.afterstep/desktop/fonts to get it to pick them
> up, which makes it harder to use those in a look scheme.

whats fontconfig ? Are those TTF fonts? I did put a path to TTF fonts 
usually installed with X into base file into FontPath, but individual 
distros may wary.

> 2) Is there a WinList font setting separate from the Window title setting? 
> I'd like to crank down the WinList fonts, but keep Window titles bigger.
MyStyles to use could be defined by these WinList options :

*WinListFocusedStyle	"style"
*WinListUnfocusedStyle	"style"
*WinListStickyStyle	"style"

If any of these is not defined then WinList will try to use :


Then if any of the styles remain undefined, then WinList will use :


And finally default MyStyle will be used for anything that still remains 

> Thanks,
> 	-Sean

Hope that helps
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