[As-users] linuxtag involvement

Tue, 19 Apr 2005 04:24:40 +0200 (CEST)

Hi fellow afterstepers!

As was brought up on irc a linuxtag involvement is wished
by some members of afterstep.

it's a really good idea, though sasha, seems has no time.
vaevictus said allanon could be willing to come.

if he is not. nobody from first line is available. i am willing to step in
as was fabs. still would only make 2 people for 22-25 june 2005. that's not

though i have no laptop. and a presentation or a stand without laptop to
actually show afterstep seems rather senseless to me...

i am writing this mail since the deadline for project registration is
1st may 2005. so we need to get a concept up and running rather quick.

who is interested in representing afterstep at linuxtag?

what brainstorming brought up so far:
giveaway some 100 cds (or more) with afterstep on it 
(shadowgod is working on making afterstep cooperate with damn small linux)

waiting for feedback

Niklas lunger
aka born2late on irc

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